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Twitter Marketing

The reason behind it is that it’s the fastest growing and engaging platforms that brings potential customers and leads to every business. No matter whether you’ve got a small-sized company, or a large corporate, with Integra marketing, you can do every possible marketing growth.

We will help you to optimize your ad campaigns so that you could drive sales and triple your profits from the advertisements. Our experienced marketers will deploy proven strategies to market your business with the best audience that will surely convert into a customer.

Research says that if the post is relatable to users or is inspiring users, then people do take action from the same post. We will help your business to grow with the audience that is meant for your business. Our optimization techniques will help to save your money by only targeting audience that’s that perfect fit for your brand.

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Why You Should Invest in Twitter Ads

According to Twitter, 60% of people say they discover new products on the platform, and 20% of users visit a business profile every single day. Plus, 33% of the most popular twitter Stories are shared by businesses like yours. Similar to Facebook ads, throwing some money behind a post will lead to more exposure for your brand, as well as more control over who can see your post.


Our Twitter Marketing Services?

Research & Optimization

Our experts will first understand your business needs and the type of audience that will be most suitable for your business. We will post optimized, informative and people-centric content with your audience to increase the conversion ratio by organic means.

Graphic Designing

Our expert graphic designers will create pixel-perfect designs that will create an entirely new image in the eyes of visitors/audience. Instagram being a photo-sharing platform, has users who give importance to quality, we’re going to maintain the same by posting informative content.

Post Scheduling

If you want to increase the rate of regular engagements, then posting should be maintained. Our expert Instagram marketers will post engaging content for the audience so that you could get more reach. We will schedule posts to best time-frames so that you can get quick results from audience.

Twitter Ad Campaign

We’ve got expert marketers who will run Instagram ads based on your business’ needs. If you want leads, traffic, or sales, we’re happy to help. Our ad campaigns will be optimized with perfect audience and formats. We will help your business gets the boost with the Instagram ad campaign.

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